What Many People Don’t Know About Foot Fetishism

Foot fetishism is the most documented feet fetish and one of the most popular sex terms in the interweb. The term is so common that people are beginning to accept it as a norm–and NOT as an aberration as it has always been.

Technically, foot fetishism isn’t exactly a feet fetish, but a sexual preference or partialism. Or quite simply, the sexual attraction or pure admiration for bare feet—arches, toes, and soles.

One thing though, podophiles aren’t into just any type of foot. You should in fact count yourself lucky if you ever find a podophile who adores your feet. If your foot is hairy, crusty or stenches, rest assured no podophile will ever find that attractive.

It’s nothing strange

The interweb is filled will all sorts of stories, tips and advice on feet fetish. And it’s all because it’s nothing strange.

Does your guy or girl love grabbing your foot when you’re making out? Has he or she ever shown any interest in your

pedicure, stockings or shoes? Chance are you’ve ever dated a podophile if you’re NOT dating one right now.

It’s sexy and intimate

It’s bigger than the foot thing. Nothing is hotter than discovering that the person you’re sleeping with gets turned on by your feet. Imagine him or her spanking or licking them in pure admiration. Who wouldn’t be turned on by that?

It’s a two-way street

It’s NOT about your feet giving someone else Goosebumps. Once your foot fancying partner is assured that you’re willing to indulge in his or her deepest sexual desires, they could make things really hot for you.

You love head but you’ve never had the gall to ask for it? Maybe it’s about that gentle spanking your partner gives you from time to time.

The same can be said about foot fetishism. Once your Viber Escorts opens the wonderful, orgasmic door of foot fetishism, you’ll always want to make out with one. Make a fetishist happier, and they’ll always be compelled to return the favour.

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